Thursday, June 23, 2011

Into the Exit wound

Into the exit wound
Normal movements bend in two
Cracks and drainage
Into the exit wound
Your tears burn into

F lies before
The fertilizer alphabetized
Sweltering in humid times
They swarm to the scars inside
Inflicting falsities to the blurring hopeful
All lies (sic) upon
Betrayals from
The warmest gun

Cylindricality to the masking tape
Blinding first, the ghost berates
Anesthetized by the makers mark
Gritting teeth as the barrel embarks
A contact wound, through and through
The other end clearly in view
Into the exit wound
You smile into
Into the exit wounds
You begin anew


  1. Sometimes life wishes that we endure the most dreadful of pain so that we are forced to question, and when we do that we learn from it and then grow. I guess that is what your prose is saying? We grow again from having suffrered and learned from it. It's intricate, deep, and thought invoking.
    Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comments too. Very appreciated.

  2. this...its got grit and the refrain of into the exit wound really works spin words well...

    U2 was is always an experience to see them...moving...

  3. daydreamer, thanks for stopping in. Yeah pretty much endurance breeds strength type of thing. The piece was actually a few pages at first, with the new life being this guy set out for revenge, but I scrapped it after the point I left it at, didn't really need it. Maybe one day I'll refer back to the discarded stuff, I like to do that sometimes. Really glad you enjoyed the piece, and your welcome, really like your work:)

  4. Brian, glad you had a good time, U2 always puts a good show on, glad they didn't let you down. Thanks for stopping in, really glad you liked this piece.Yeah, It does have some grit in there doesn't it. I like the concept of this piece a lot, the into the exit wound parts are my favorite part of it too Really appreciate the compliments, thanks again:)