Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ignorance Cannot Absolve The Conspirator, No Matter How Blind He Be

Living vocally,
Moving still,
Vibrations echo-
Inside me still,

Velveteen kisses
From the mistress of some hair possessed, mistrusting girl-
Violating embryonic odds at time
Impressions of a prescient state of mind
Losing lunge
Feeling nausea
Not in the gullet
But on the tongue
OH DEAR GOD, what did you do?

So what if it would have been opened
A can of what
Devoured much worse than words
Instead we scraped away
Finding sludge instead of a never-ending connection

In the end-
Monsters will travel from cortex to heart
From cerebellum to soul-

But image preserved,
I hope everything works out for you.   I really do.

As for me-
In my dreams
I see children, running free
All with names
All with claws
I’m alive
Like that girl-
Petty Alice-no guitar
When I wake-
No cold sweats-
Just shadows of what should be
In everything I see

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