Monday, June 27, 2011


Funnels of cotton candy blissful dreams
Emptiness between the stick and the sea
A void of compact society
An intense wandering invisible to the eye

Kaleidoscopes of versatile abstract relationships
Fondness between the turnstile and the apostrophe
An absence of the creative nomad
A fervor tripping about, stumbling from peer to peer

Dancing in a caravan
Where each step is severe
One arm, one hand
Two hearts, one band
Yet unaware


  1. Third one I read, yeah I know a tad out of order. But am I sensing a theme here? I.E. Get off your butt and do something if you want it done. Try again, open your eyes, etc.

    Another very vivid piece, love the ending as sleepwalkers are unaware, but those with blinders are even more so, as they think they are aware but really aren't.

  2. Pat, yeah it most definitely has been a theme filled day. Sometimes it's like you want to do things but just can't seem to do what's needed. You know the problem, you know the answer to the problem but still...usually goes in waves so we'll see. You really made your presence felt, I appreciate that very much, glad you liked the piece, thanks:)