Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spin Cycle

Whites separated
From blues and reds
First the water
                  Shooting from all directions
                  As the world spun all around
Second the soap
                  A cleansing some needed gravely
                  Yet others were still pure
                  Got mixed up with the wrong group
Third a rinsing
                  Spinning in circles
                  Liquid flushing
                  Detergent from skin
Next a transfer
                  From one container to the next
                  Before it was time
Finally a heat enveloped all inside
                                                               The container was opened
                                                               Hands sort through
                                                               Into bags for transport
                                                               To the place they will go
And one is left to wonder, when would the next cycle begin


  1. When one takes the world view, the next cycle has got me scared to the bone! We can only hope there are but a few who mistakenly get tossed in with the wrong setting! You do know that you risk a very lengthy rant about my personal views on society when you post such a layered piece, disguised oh so smartly as the everyday mundane! :) But this time...I won't steal the soap box...but I will say I REALLY enjoyed the write. I am now off to ponder the state of the world (not to mention my laundry!) Loved it!

  2. Natasha, glad to see you liked it. I'm the same way. I can go on and on and on see my poem Gray, about social issues. I love playing games with poetry and when this idea popped in my head I had to run with it. The idea was way too simple, mundane as you so aptly phrased it, it was asking for some good old fashioned undercutting. Anytime you feel like ranting feel free. Thanks again for stopping by, really glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback, I always appreciate it:)

  3. Yes first thought that popped into my head was what a mundane task and you brilliantly made it into something that reflects society. God knows what will come next with some of these so called big wigs looking out for us, yeah right. I can rant about that too, but I won't haha. Very well done, again love how you used the laundry cycle.

  4. wow life as laundry ...love it and everything whether it be natural or man made seems to be cyclical, very clever,thank you for sharing

  5. Wonderful metaphor for the concept of death/rebirth. I love the closing statement!

  6. Pat, glad you liked this piece. Thanks for the excellent feedback. Well pointed and so true, and the compliments don't hurt either. Thanks again:)

  7. Kez, thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the piece. hope to see you round here again. Thanks:)

  8. Stephen, Thanks for the visit. Glad you liked the piece. Hope to see you round again. Thanks:)