Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who's to say?

Above a winter skies
Fermented frost-
Permeates augmentations of tears & sighs

Above an eroded foundation,
A lone gosling-
Out of place & far from home
But never wiser would she be
If others hadn't shook that tree

Above a moonlight dark
A glass of whisky and a spark
A family we’ve become
Two wolves and their special cub

A desired addition despite the claims
A cherished addition has come our way

For an old howler and his mate,
Why should this gift be ignored?
Are their any arguments outside of hate?
Who’s to say- 
Who should & should not be loved?


  1. no one should say who can or should be one...enjoyed the read and the natural elements...

  2. Who's to say? Sounds to me like the gosling got lucky :o)

  3. Family is almost always first for me. I can't comprehend an instance when it wouldn't be so.

  4. Who's to say, indeed. You've conjured a gorgeous image here.

  5. Brian, you're absolutely correct. With matters of the heart nothing should matter. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate your feedback :)

  6. Other Mary, Yeah the gosling really lucked out, I do agree. but then again, the wolves did too, and if you asked them, they'd say they're the luckier ones. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comments:)

  7. Brenda, I agree family is the most important thing. It is difficult to imagine it playing second fiddle to anything. Even though some times outside pressures unhinge our mind from what we, who we, truly are and for a brief respite take our personality away from us, thereby creating this betrayal, not only to family but within ourselves. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it:)

  8. Kim, so glad you enjoyed this piece. Really glad you stopped by and left a comment. Thanks so much:)

  9. Really enjoying your onestops! I love the visual imagery entwining the emotional, rather beautiful Fred!

  10. Yes nothing else should matter at all, sadly that isn't always the case though. Nice job twisting in the elements too.

  11. Velvetina, thanks so much, means a lot that you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting, I appreciate the feedback:)

  12. Pat, You're right it's not always the case, unfortunately. I'm really glad you enjoyed the piece, as I really like your work, so the compliments you give hold a lot of weight with me. Thanks so much:)

  13. Lori, thanks so much for stopping by and dropping a comment, I appreciate it. Thanks:)