Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scars built upon Scars before

I’ve given all I have to give,
If there had been more,
I’d still be as empty as I stand here now,

Answers always seemed falsified,
Damages were never visual in others eyes,
These scars we keep,
Layer well beneath the fraudulence inspired,

Time was never obtainable,
But still I did the best I could,
In a vacuum I sought to live,
All for another few moments…

With the one I love,
Closing eyes upon approach,
The bond we made,
Has all but taken ghost-like form and shape,

Where have you gone?
What happened to the swan-
I knew back when- sound was so pretty-
The way it was heard when we sung?

Dissipating, each day a fracture of a fracture’s end,
Graying memories as I slept,
An open door as dawn crept,
Altering dynamic in one unheard riff,

No lyrics left to sing along with,
I may fade in your eyes,
But each time I look at her,
I think of the love we once knew

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