Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Devolution of Society or Bury Your Dead

My mind took off in several directions.  Rather than identifying where one stream ends and the next begins, I jumbled them all into one, very large abstraction, combining several forms into one.  Let me know what you think.

Talking Grifters,
Broken shields,
Plated nothing,
Is as what appears-

Mascara runs but not like blood,
Quill to sponge-
Evaporating from the frozen well

Bludgeoned Beguiled
Banished Betrayal

Captivate with potency (the younger still believe),
Haystacks afire, a flame, shadow clouds undertow,
To warn those listening-detractors are afoot (They were our masks)

Tainting of the atmosphere (Blue Grey unnatural misty)
Dusting crops from ear to ear, (Light the match…Drop the Net)
Chemical deterrent for weevils or hare,

Harvester Conspirator
Harbinger Desecrator

…Sty’s swimming yonder….Trees down to bones….Red Barn Orange…Operator, Operator…Am I coming through….Transmission….Abort….Give the signal…Point approaching................(NO turning back now)

         Another Pass through
                  Greens red now….
                           Kool-Aid for them all (Next Round’s on me)
Professors will discuss
Alternative bards will pen
Scientists will deplore…..they didn’t dream it first
Horses by the pen….eating rotten cores again..
Rusted bed
Turn over (It’s still spinning overhead)
Damage Control
Men in mask
War paint for the broken souled
Search [party} no [rescue] purge…

Air grows salty
                           (It’s just the regurgitation)
Can’t breach out
                           (Must be debris)
What happened to us?
Had we really dug a trench so large?
                           (I think you know the answer to that)
You’re not thinking straight
                           (can you blame me?)

Ext. Unnamed city-Evening
Barking dogs, search parties, flashlights scour scorched earth, Preacher chanting, holding Bible above his head, young boy screams and points, they stop.
                           Look’s like Luther’s son
                                    Unnamed Man(shaking head)
                           Jackson, you guys are up
                                    Jackson(off screen)
                           Be there soon, couple more here to finish first
Camera pans wide, men shoveling, adding to large mounts of dirt, dogs scurrying, men moving debris, men and women hugging…Camera pans up and out                                         Fade to:  

Credits roll

No comedic skit…Just leave…Just get out… Before you are found…


  1. quite to collection of interesting thoughts. still, a good read

  2. Jessica, thanks for visiting and thanks for leaving a comment. It is definitely an abstract piece. Like I mentioned in the intro it was really a combination of varying thoughts I had-I thought it would be different putting them all together and scrambling the forms up a bit. I'm glad you like the read, that means a lot. Thanks again:)