Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weird Watch's inner watch

Greetings from the misted void
Where colors merge and split
And telltale symbols ominous and slick
Commit to surreal charms if not for kicks

Brittle, peanut and bone
Constellations in the sky and at home
Balconies above the bleachers, below the clouds
Pebbles, prehistoric and bedding for koi

Drop the cube
Into glass
Watch it fizz
Drink it fast

Rearrange the pieces,
And watch the clots remove

Rub your eyes
Fog and wipe
Awaken sight


  1. nice work here.. really liked the flow of this piece as well!

  2. Anthony, thanks for the visit and for leaving a message. I really enjoy the work you've put forth on your site, so it's a privilege hearing kind words from you. Thanks again:)

  3. Wow you make everything seem to blur
    With a certain allure
    Well at the same time having individual aspects of their own
    From the misted void of the unknown
    Opening up ones eyes
    Can bring truth over the lies
    Rhyming aside
    Thanks for the great comment over at my side
    And this was a great read and nice work
    Glad I came over to lurk

  4. pat, thanks that's a big time compliment. I appreciate it. Your work is really good. And that cat is awesome, I'm assuming it's photoshopped but regardless the pic is great. I'm a friend to animals, got 4 of my own 2 cats, 2 dogs, wish mine would do some picture perfect moments outside of my thinking aww cute:) Thanks again