Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like

Nothing’s sacred any more
No temple to pray
In this house of men

Close your eyes,
And dream
Hone in on the whirlpools
In your mind
Cotton candy
Artic Swirl
All the things you endear

Close your ears,
Drown out the wail
As midnight comes
You’ll not know what you hear

Kingdom’s fallen
Culture’s lost
The location of that single thread
We’ve yet to find,

Hell hath no fury
For how depraved we’ve become
Sanctity of illusion
Clouds our heads
Morally depleted
Race of man
Where hence to now
What bridge to cross
Connecting the here to where

I’ve no answers
I’ve but hope to cling
                                    Your retort is hope won’t save
                                    My reply:
                                                      Depleted does not mean dead

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