Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Annihilations to Zeroing

Once in a while I like to peruse Rodale's Synonym Finder just for fun.  Occasionally I'll just grab a word and then use as many synonyms as possible to make something from it.  In this case, almost all of these words can be found under Violence.  

Annihilations, Atrocities and agonizing events,
 Bastinados, Butcheries, Bloodbaths begin,
Carnage’s commotion collides---A coup de grace coveting,
Death’s unyielding blow, Diabolical is the design, Destructive, those denied-province or memory- Demon’s sweat above despoilment, Dripping deadliest decrees, Dancing macabre, Draining, Draining, Demolition shining through, A disturbance within..

Extinguish.  Extinction: soon.  Exsanguinating, what’s left in me,

Ferocity’s fledgling novice, Flogging spinal cavities, flesh removed, then worn, the furor of the frenzied…Finalizes, then begins again

Ghastly overzealous..
Hacking, Hunting, Havoc sought,
Hunting, gathering groups forgot, a recreational holocaustic endgame’s come…Unsuspecting, unaware their time has come this day,

Incineration when this internecine is through

Killing machine, kills for killing’s sake,
Lacerating light from darkened plate
Mayhem resides abundantly, The monstrosity of a massacre, mourners surely will relate.

Outbreak of,
Paroxysm’s plaguing


Rage.   Questioning Ruin.

Savage recourse, sinister defilement, Spoliation first. Then the Sunday-Punch

Violent measures, brings villainous means
War & wreckage, wrack & ruin,
Xing out

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