Monday, June 20, 2011

Antique Ink

Rags of antiquity
Brown stained fragments
Of some other time, some other world
Genuflecting, in some ancient’s honor
As calligraphy embraces descendant’s hand

Tattered, torn in parts,
A different way of life it was,
Musty scent from where the aged papers spent,
Its vagrant years,
As forgotten words,
Suppressed through neglect,
A voice repressed,
By motions since,

Yet, today, this afternoon,
Reunion from a world unknown,
Page upon page, word upon word,
I noticed the way you crossed your t’s & the positioning of the dot above your I’s; then realized your ink lay in a way, not too estranged from mine. 

And through the dusty attic window, outdated for an era or so, must be back in vogue, as I firmly recall, seeing such a design, prominently displayed, on the showroom floor, shifting clouds could have been seen, if my eyes ever chose to rest, if they had averted from this diary that I read.

I noticed, no matter how much things have altered, when it comes to matters of the heart, when it comes to love, not much has changed at all.

And it’s eerie for me,
To find you and I,
Are strangely connected,
In ways,
Apart from DNA.


  1. i like it.
    and thanks for the comment, im glad you liked my bricks projection =)

  2. Sweet pea, glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah I love projective verse, your brick piece is really good, I have a few in here as well. So I know that it's so much harder getting to the finished product than it looks. Great job and again, can't thank you enough for stopping by and commenting:)

  3. Very deep.
    In love and matters of the heart, millennia may pass but, love will still be love no matter whether it's in ancient or modern times. Well penned and thanks for the lovely comment on mine.

  4. Yeah it can be eerie to see similarities apart from dna. Great job pointing out the similararities working your way to the strong closing, as little was left to be said other than how two are connected..nice.

  5. daydreamer, glad you enjoyed this piece, good to have you in for a visit. You are so correct, when it comes to the passage of time, matters of the heart do outlast the years. thanks:)

  6. Pat, thanks for the comment and always a pleasure to have you stop by, really glad you enjoyed the piece, one of my shorter ones, but like you said, is exactly what I felt, nothing much else to say about the moment. Thanks again:)

  7. "I noticed the way you crossed your t’s & the positioning of the dot above your I’s; then realized your ink lay in a way, not too estranged from mine." - love that. Finding meaning and a connection in something so small. Very intriguing last stanza, as well.

  8. Fountains, thanks for the visit, I appreciate your feedback. Meaning can be found in everything, no matter the size or scope, sometimes we just have to look for it. In that last stanza I was just trying to tie the piece down, probably didn't really need it, I think the rest of it pretty much leads the reader in that same direction, but thought I'd add something to just ground the piece down. Really glad you enjoyed it, thanks again:)