Sunday, June 19, 2011


Beneath scarf and tie,
Bristling brush,
I’m sensing your push,

Whispering unto nape,
Shiver and shake
I sense the smell you make,

Caressing sweetly,
Over bruises deep,
I sense the moisture seep,

Massages, kneading,
Tissues torn and dry,
I sense your lies,

I feel the signals,
Issuing their warning,

I sense the sounds,
The restlessness of morning,

I read the motion,
Of waves collapsing,

I hear the warmth,
Beneath your eyes

All lies, all deceptions,
Carefully crafted superficiality,
Entwined with intentions, tailor made décor,
Beneath the softness, lays a jagged floor

Through the silence, in the paint,
The forest comes alive, the foliage wakes,
Moving are its branches; broken is the trail,
No time for sorrow; no chance to fail,
Impending doom will swallow,
As the night grows hollow,

Dreams laced with paper cuts
Nightmares infused with trust


  1. I like this very much. Your closing couplet is reallly powerful.

  2. Mary, thanks for visiting, I'm glad you enjoyed this. Funny thing is I almost didn't include the last couplet. Was on the verge of editing it out a few times, but the more and more I read it I feel it really works. So glad I kept it in there now. Thanks again:)

  3. Oh wow Fred this just blew me away. I absolutely love it! So much depth and every line is a work of art, a painting

  4. mindlovemisery, really pleased you like it, anytime I get compliments from those I enjoy reading is an added ego boost:) Thanks again and really glad you enjoyed this piece and am flattered :)

  5. Amazing esp the last parts. You have a really vivid and expressive imagery! :)

  6. Psychebubbles, Always good to see a new face around, welcome, glad you enjoyed the piece and glad you could respond. Thanks for the praise, it means a lot:)

  7. jingle, thanks again for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the piece. :)