Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Curious Spill

Crumpled ball of twisted steel,
A carcass of the travel quotient,
Coinciding with the dissident factorial-
Dreams from seven in just one-
Conversation’s disjointed, misrepresented-
Good and evil tossed-Two hundred pounds of

Fear is the blackened pepper in your cayenne experience-
Afraid is thrust
Upon the Goddesses you devour-each night- in your sleeping tower
Pain and ache are brothers in arms-
Joined at the constructive place-
Building devastation surrounded by wake-
What design they pursue-
Is determined by a chosen group-
Collectors, adjusters, painters, corruptors
I belong to each of these
Yet my voice is muted when they call for me
Under a bed
Covering head
Cracking blinds
Determining shape-just to see-someone came for me

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