Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I wasn't planning on posting another piece today.  The plan was to post one piece, go over to One Shot Wednesday, and get a whole bunch of reading in tonight.  I still may go back this evening, but it's getting kind of late & still have a few other things to take care of first, so if not, then I guess another day to catch up where I left off.

Anyhow I visited Patt Hatt's site, which is a regular stop for me, and he had a brilliant piece.  The first part was an illustration of 12 clocks with words marked E, N, S, & W.  The second part was a very good poem, but the clocks inspired me, and that's the backstory how this poem came to be.

         -stuck between what once was 
and the corral in between
As you approach the knife
Verbal ability is reduced to but a vowel

         - attractions passing glances
Just inches removed
                              from nearby, wonder speeds-
from fate.

On the road to attraction once again

Time has almost met

Hand upon hand
                        Altering the day

Anyhow, thanks to Pat for the inspiration.  Go check out his sites It's Rhyme Time and Face It Facts.  You'll enjoy them both.


  1. nice...pat is a rhyming fiend...nice bit of verse yourself...the approach to the knife lines really struck me on a more personal level...altering the day is empowering as well...

  2. Very nicely played and thanks for the shout out and links. For the facts too, how nice of you..lol

    I can definetly see the inspiration. Love the passage under "Spite".

    Everything "altering the day", great last line. Who knew my little image could stir such a write up..haha

  3. Love Pat, the Cat, and Face it Facts! And I've not been by in a bit, so I must make my way! Glad that you acted so very quickly on the inspiration, as the resulting piece was brilliant! Another wonderful visit...and perhaps a new addiction! lol (mind you, not sure if I'll ever get unglued from what once was...see, still pondering!):)

  4. Brian, Thanks appreciate being put in the same sentence as pat. Glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for stopping in:)

  5. Pat, glad you enjoyed it. Just kinda hit me while looking at those clocks. Thanks for the inspiration. Your welcome, No thanks necessary though, it's my pleasure. Yeah it does look like the poem really splits after spite. Kind of interesting how that worked. Sometimes inspiration hits you when it feels like it, other times you have to beg. This was obviously a case of the former. Thanks again:)

  6. Natasha, good to see you today. Glad you enjoyed this piece. That's good, we should all ponder more often, that's my take anyhow. Thanks again:)

  7. this is what i love in this poetic blogworld..we're inspiring each other..and this is just great..as you approach the knife...tight!

  8. Claudia, I feel the exact same way. At any given moment, there is so much poetry at our fingertips. Inspiration is everywhere. The blogworld has really opened up so many new windows (pun intended). Glad you enjoyed this piece. Thanks for the visit, I appreciate it:)

  9. Oh, my, this is good. Really good.

  10. Glynn, Thanks for the visit. Really glad you enjoyed this piece. And thanks so much for the amazing compliments, I really appreciate that:)