Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Intersect

Like lost angels,
Falling from the sky,
Residing in the place,
They’ve all gone to die,

I’m in-between,
I’m in the crevice,

Sanctimony & temple lore,
I shall retrieve my broken promises,
When I arrive at Hell’s door,

I feel like I just broke my heart,
If I had a baseline,
I could gauge it from the start,

Fillings, stuffed & sewn,
I lost some balance,
When she came home,

Like a clown,
Directionless & alone,
I know the path I took,
Not by choice,
But from circumstantial looks,
Glances I could not take back,

Yet to see you, occupying this same space,
I wonder what difference your wisdom made,
And if your words, burrowed a hole,
For all those you had saved,

I never could’ve walked the path you paved,
Perhaps, in your case, the error’s clerical,
But for now, it appears we’ll be burning simultaneously,

I’ll now burn faster,
Ruing nothing from the life I led

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