Friday, June 24, 2011


In the folds of tapestry
An odd fabric I did find,
It was scarcely sewn,
Yet it overtook the essence and flow,

Mimicry, is not always flattery
Sincere perhaps, but compliments are the first to flee

Germinating wheat grain bulbs
Blowing through the grazing green
Into the ears that always follow me

Do scarecrows ever scare anything away?
Seems like all they do, is provide a crow a resting place

Scaffolding, twenty stories tall,
Before you know the last
You first must read them all

Wash those walls; make them clean,
Watch the soapy water slide down past each of them
Spots don’t appear until the next sunny day


  1. ha. i like all the metaphorical play in this...the off stanza on mimicry, true that...and the irony in the last gave me a chuckle...

  2. Another nice one, have to agree with the scarecrows not scarying anything away.

    Really liked the "germinating wheat grain bulbs" line too.

  3. Brian, glad you liked this piece, really appreciate your feedback. Yeah the last stanza I added that on just to add something a bit different. Glad it worked, thanks for stopping in:)

  4. Pat, yeah that germinating wheat grain bulbs idea was a mashup of two lines I wrote for something else, glad you liked it, I liked the way it sounded and thought it would be a good piece to use it in. Ya know every time I take a ride out in the country that's all I ever see with scarecrows, birds seem to love sitting on them lol. Really glad you stopped in, thanks:)