Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sloppy Seconds

I drew a blueprint, a design
Of idyllic functionality, to search for and to find,
The shape, the mold, to fit the image in my mind,
But second hand wood, knots and all,
Was all the lumber store could spare,
So I weighed the ups and downs,
Then pictured how they may fit, how they might be,
Not what I envisioned,
But effable to me

I perused the aisle
I sorted through the shelves
I didn’t see the first editions,
All that was left was those other books,
The reprints, the restored, and the translations you abhor,
Yet, representative of every genre, one for each an all,
Perhaps I’ll have a look,
Under the covers, just to take a peek,
To see what differences I may see,
Not what I pictured,
But effable to me

I went out for the night,
To see a band I loved,
They played the songs I came to hear,
Yet the singer could not replicate his recorded voice,
While upset at first, I drank and wait, succumbing to fate,
Giving each song a chance to elate,
And as time expired, the variations I could not see,
Not what I desired,
But effable to me


  1. a blueprint ..of idyllic had me with these words right from the start..enjoyed your poem

  2. I often hate when live music sounds drastically inferior than the recording quality. Great title. Nice work.

  3. I enjoyed this, the refrain line is great, "effable" a favorite word of mine. I like that it is more than just an expression of "appreciation" for what you did receive, but that you changed each experience, that is when we are really moving in life. Architecture and flow are lovely as well. Great write ~ Rose

  4. Claudia, Really glad you enjoyed this poem. Thanks for stopping in for a visit. I look forward to future feedback, thanks again:)

  5. Dustus, thanks for stopping by to visit. Really glad you enjoyed this piece. Yeah I used to go out and see live bands all the time, and would regularly think how poorly they sounded compared to their studio recordings. But once in a while you'd find one that actually sounded better live, which of course was the hook that kept me going back for more. Thanks again, I appreciate your coming by:)

  6. Rose, Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate them. Really glad you enjoyed this piece. Yeah I've always liked the word as well. Thanks again:)

  7. The attitude of the narrator in the poem is something that sticks in my mind, I might try imitating that attitude. There are many things we expect but we don't quite get, but I guess we can just appreciate it for what it is. That how I read this poem. :)

  8. ravenblack, yeah the narrator does have a pretty good attitude, he makes do, wish i would be like that sometimes myself. Glad you like the piece and thanks for visiting and saying hi:)