Monday, June 6, 2011


Eyes drake as image cries
Electrons purging of deceptive sighs
I am onto you,
                           But never would I oust your design
Compass pointing due south
Neutrons resisting agape mouth
I am onto you,
                           But never should I douse your plan

Fingers tremble during and after
Protons invigorating rush of adrenalized lather
I am onto you,
                           But never could I disable your opportunity

Green eyes jetting a crowd
Magnetic lips puffy proud
Seemingly you’re onto me,
                           For an actress there’s always a stage
If then my mind should turn away
Green eyes convert to jade


  1. this is a brilliant piece, one Im sure will reveal even more each time it is read :)

  2. David, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. Somedays I try to find something I wouldn't typically use and create something out of it. In this case I happened to be flipping channels and came across a program discussing protons and neutrons. So that's the inspiration and from which I used in creating this piece. Thanks again:)