Thursday, June 9, 2011


Born a concrete grey
Over time
She’s changed her rhyme
To look the way she does today

Blankets of snowy doves
Crisco tufts matted by
Cretaceous gloves
And candent eyes
A Portrait of opalescent love

As moments fade
Apologies acclimate
Taking its time to achromatize
Glances seem to elucidate
A lustrous enlightenment-justified
Chaste yet overtly plain

Rivers milky-cream
Possessed by vanilla’s uninterrupted power
In this, the beginning of what may be, the purest hour
Where sallow hearts share their deepest dreams


  1. interesting contrasts to your words.

  2. Mairmusic- Thanks I appreciate that. i love using contrast. I feel when something is contrasted against something else it's true personification is amplified. Thanks so much for the comment:)

  3. I agree with you I think that opposites are the way we understand the universe without sadness we wouldn't know happiness. Fabulous vocabulary

  4. Mindlovemisery, Thanks so much, you're too kind. You know what's funny, is that I was watching something the other night, and they were giving a guy a polygraph, then they talked about having a baseline. I instantly was thinking in this manner, you need to know what you aren't, or what isn't, to understand what you are, what it is, thanks again:)