Friday, December 2, 2011

Requiem of a Shape-Shifter

Apocrypha, in an age of identity
Shifts the coward into a state of dependency,
Thus becoming a disciple of anonymuncule’s filth and veil.

For the nameless little men
Anamnesis beckons regurgitated fear,
For he may see the faces surrounding him,
Thus remembering his own infrahistoria

Visions of pine
Scintillate his perversions,
As anabasis approaches nigh
His preponderance of though
Travel murky skies,
Seeking any causality where,
His stone shall be composed,
By anything other than


  1. Very interesting, Sir. I have to admit I reached for the dictionary more than once ;-) but the piece feels unpretentious with its intellectual tone; rather, well-crafted and intriguing. The length is well-judged too.

  2. Tight write, Fred! The first stanza is amazing.

    "anything other than

    is incredibly cool.

  3. I admit I was a tad lost until I looked up the final word, Amphiboly made me not look so absurd..haha. As anabasis came next and I caught on to your play, at least I think. The travels through life the change and rearrange but in the end we are who we are, when we go afar, leaving behind just that and maybe the vision of a cat..haha

  4. dude i think you spilled a bit of the dictionary on your poem...smiles...seriously about of a quarter of the words would score me massive points in scrabble....smiles. great flow even with big words...

  5. this is really cool the title.. prepares the stage perfectly for the poem to come.. and the first two lines bring us into the perfect mood and into kind of a majestic, slow stepped beat which stayed with me through the whole piece..

  6. Two new words for me in this today -- anabasis and amphiboly.

    Some deep undercurrents in this. Pretty stark and real.