Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Examination of Art

Apt in the art of circumlocution
I’ve often heralded
Expansion by design
Lest the linchpin rears its head
To cling upon
That isolated entity that now beholds
All balance in its grip

And I fear
The claque shall rise,
Those prostitutes of cheer—
         Will cherish any and all
                  That the coin does for call

Or will they simply snub their nose
And condemn me, a hieratic in disguise?


  1. haha the image of the uppty ups snubbing there nose I just got was too funny. Art can hold all in it's grip, of course one can see one thing and another 50 people can see another. Each with their own opinion and you know what those are like, which some stick up their butt people truly are...haha

  2. Poetical Psyche
    The Other Side of Poetry

    Your poetry, Obvious, Acumen, Enamored Eyes, Fear for the Examination of One’s Art and, An Examination of Art, certainly represent an talented, unique, emotional depth and personal style, which is greatly appreciated and admired by this reader. Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem, “Prejudice” by Lindell Vecchio…