Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Lost Lament: An Epistle to the Gods

Well, Tuesday's come around once again.  Seems like it does this every week doesn't it?  Ha.

But, with Tuesday comes the best day for poetry.  Head on over to D'Verse for some great poems and a place where you can share one of your own.  Open Link Night is upon us, and the doors open up at 3pm, but you can head over anytime, to read the many previous weeks & nights of shared work in addition to the many great articles written by the wonderful D'Verse Staff.

For this week I thought I'd try to get back into a Mythological state of mind.  I've always loved myth and at one time almost all of my poetry was steeped in Mythology to some degree.  Well, I happened to notice I had somehow moved away from that, completely by accident I must say, and this, despite the fact, I dip back into the ancient texts on almost a daily basis.

So, with that said, I thought I'd try and come up with something that mirrors, to some extent, the Celtic myths, namely the Mabinogion, which is a great collection of tales for anyone interested, well worth checking out.

In this particular piece I included some lines in Welsh translation, don't worry though the English is right alongside it.  But with any translation, for languages I'm not fluent in, I am at the mercy of the interpreting software.  In this case I happened to use Googles-which isn't really the best, but in any case you're never going to get an exact word for word translation, but the ideas carry over and that's the main point anyway.

Hope you all enjoy.

Y Galarnad Coll: Mae Epistol at y Duwiau
The Lost Lament: An Epistle to the Gods

Elegant chartreuse grayling’s fowl
O’er the ridge of mounded sorrow,
Alone as it never is

Sky rims an ambered haze
Above the land where plovers seed
Delicate as it ever ought to be

Macabre, dance till
All ghosts and demons be still
Let fair warning approach these clans
Allotting time, for martyrs to save kin

Mellow does the wind blush glow
Eeried chill caresses slow
Each the herniation’s unsettled growth,
Yet still, in such of times,
Even broken promises find paths home

Will the trials never end?
A fydd y treialon dlwedd erioed?

Will the danger never die?
A fydd byth yn marw perygl?

Open the mouth of the dragon—
Agored yw ceg y ddraig!

And with the spirits of the Celts near us, then
A chryda ysbrydion y Celtiaid wrth ymyl ni, yna

Let’s tear the fire from within
Gadewch I ni rwygo y tan allan o’r tu mewn

Sealed in blood,
Past the curtain of the father,
The shine’s waiting
Selio yn y gwaed, y llen y gorffennol dad, yn disgleirio aros

If but only
Ignorant to sermons we were not

Os ond dim ond, anwybodus I bregethau nad oeddem yn

If but only
Appreciative to myth we had chosen to live by

Os ond dim ond, werthfawrogol I chwedl ein bod wedi dewis byw


  1. A lovely painting with mythical mood. Magical feel in this piece. If I recall correctly, the druids believe there is magic in words put together in certain ways. I have taken note of Mabinogion, shall have to check that out.

  2. the myth we have chosen to live by...nice...really like what you did with this...particularly the translated lines...the rim of the sky too is a nice touch...very cool man...

  3. did that actually go through? i am used to having to put in the password...hmm...

  4. A strong feeling of regret in this. Enjoyed it.

  5. The cat always enjoys the myth in your verse, even if your translation makes him sound like he's giving a curse. The myth one can appreciate, as long as it doesn't depreciate, like the one where you drown in a lake if not a witch and float if you are, then dead anyway. There is a myth that causes dismay or would that be a rule. Either way not cool. Way off point went the cat, I better scat, before you take that fire from within and make me crispy here at your bin.

  6. oh fred this is wonderful.. gave me goosebumps... love the welsh..and would love to hear it read...this must sound wonderful...love it!!

  7. It's wonderful to see your return to myth. The language is gorgeous, particularly the first two stanzas. You've struck the perfect tone for an entreaty, full of the folly of men and the need for mercy from the gods. Including the Welsh is a real treat and I'd love to hear a native speaker read it (my mind's voice stumbles). The empowering tone from 'open the mouth' through 'shine's waiting...' is especially uplifting as is 'even broken promises find paths home'. Beautiful work Fred.

  8. I lov eMyth in poetry too... written a few incorporating it... this one reads well. Intriguing story here - I'm not clear though - is this your interpretation, or did you make it up from scratch?



  9. This is beautiful! I really like the first two stanzas. Very elegant.

  10. This is great! I love all things ancient.

    Wonderful sound here:
    "Mellow does the wind blush glow
    Eeried chill caresses slow
    Each the herniation’s unsettled growth,
    Yet still, in such of times,
    Even broken promises find paths home"

    The last line of the poem is perfect. Well done!

  11. Very nice welsh tone and retelling...love the images of your words specially the opening verses...

  12. I enjoy myth-based poetry and love it that you wove in the gaelic.