Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flowers of Despair: A tribute of sorts

“Into a garden I have grown”

Filled with thorns I’ve viewed as thrones,
Upon lavender and lettuce I do sit,
In a palace of malcontent,
The hours wide
The passage went

Jonquil sent yet petals dried return
Shells of almonds seeping aloe’s ooze
The note attached,

Where x is all you were willing to supply
As you thrust love’s dagger through my side

Fingers scurry for anything else
Just something to continue the delusion alive
‘twas when the Asphodel caught my eye,
         To which I couldn’t cry, only mutter, “soon dear friend I shall accept that penance clean”

Love lies bleeding. everywhere
To which I stand a-daze for each the hour seized.
 I stand in stare

The Cypress of the delphinium, prophesized
 That death, like the creeping willow—
In acceptance of Viscarias whispered dance,
 Both space
And time

The witch’s spell of hazel has since gone dry

1 comment:

  1. Are you really in a despressed mood or something today? All three sorta had depressing on display, well at least one and three, number two sorta but not as feely. Enjoyed the verse, reminded me of crummy snow, with your flow. As the flowers died out and snow came on down, withering all life in winters grasp as it hits each town.