Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Elder States

Polluted tadpole
Cracked and distilled
Jupiter’s child upon
Rings of clay
                  Cantankerous curmudgeonly
                  Broken, record scratches back at
                  The muse.
                  All the while,
                  The repetition reminds us of
                                             Gyrations affixed
                                             Upon sticks of lunar might be
                                             Ribbons of deranged hypotheses
Of forgiveness
Alone, a light
To match, the strike
Of promiscuity away,
From Ecclesiastic rage—where shadows
Meant for the naïve, those wanderers unattended to,
Not intended for, beacon the wayward star-struck, structures
Divulged of both ether and fidelity

So sad, at this, twilit, late stage of night
Where pine promotes its eternal scents,
And the odor of stagnancy,
Fragrances prophetic foreshadow
Wafting amongst unsympathetic heirs

…And the sound, it sounds a little less familiar,
Than how it ought to, as the timeline trails.

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  1. Man, Fred--you got me from line one with this one--panoramic writing--history and mystery, the heavens and the earth and human morass--with a final couplet that just rings--very much a feel of endings all through--elder states, elder gods, "...the wayward star-struck, structures/
    Divulged of both ether and fidelity..." Fine job here.

  2. um...nice engagement of the senses fred...all gritty through out...a hard bit of record scrath there in the middle when it comes to forgivenes...seems on the mind of many OLNers tonight...

  3. Very deep and emotive Fred. Aging can be kind or so cruel too and yes, most of us are so ungrateful to know it is such a precious gift.

  4. hey Fred,

    i was hooked from the get go...the 1st stanza is a rush...a stunning opener which pulled me right into the depths of your exploration...this length suits your style too.
    compressed and dense with great poetics and thought flow...great job bro...all the best buddy;)

  5. I hate to think of the prophesy of pine! But clever thought nonetheless, and wonderful close. K.

  6. Wow... this required a second read through and I'm glad I did. Forgiving infidelity... that's tough.

  7. i'm a bit afraid of this last stage with all its limits and restrictions and whatever age brings..think there is a secret though and a promise in this period of time as well...

  8. Your writing is full of meaning and images...some I understand, some I leave to read at another time. There is a poignancy and sadness in your words (at this late stage of night), maybe brought about by the end of the year.

    Wishing you cheers for the new year ~

  9. Still not "too old for this ****" just yet haha, had to go there. The tadpole was a great enticing opener, truly set the pace and dragged me right in. Then up it swam, through some grit and made me think of age, bones cracking every which way surely can't be all the rage.

  10. I feel as though I've been sucked down a wormhole with no way of knowing where I'm going to end up...and it's a freaking awesome feeling! The timeline does indeed slip, but seriously...I'll be propped on my front porch, cherishing every wrinkle, writing away to my metal and disturbing the other residents! :) Just doing what I do best...even when I'm on the final slip. If you're lucky enough to outlast that slip...then things such as infidelity turn to muse, and looking back, forgiveness is the only answer.You do realize I'm on my way to writing a book here on your blog as I slip and read in another direction...loving the trip though! In closing (for now) I do hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and here's to that brilliant pen standing strong in 2012~Write ON!

  11. I really like this, Fred. the thoughts of time passing and past hurts creates a poignant atmosphere especially felt during this time of year.

  12. I liked it my friend. Thanks for sharing.

    Wish you have a great new year ahead.... May you have peace, love and prosperity ...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay