Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Working Title

I may not have the answers
To many of life’s questions
Yet I do have the knowledge
That experience had suggested

I never cared much for
All those things I didn’t need
What I had was how things were
And how things are explained to be

I may not have the directions
To many of life’s immeasurable deceptions
Yet I do know,
That one-foot comes before the other
And regardless of which heel steps first
I always end where I’m meant to be
And where I’m meant to be,
Has always been with you next to me


  1. i agree...nothing is random...our job is to keep putting that foot in front of the other and maybe having the wisdom to know when not to..but it should be no surprise where we end up...

  2. Everything truly does happen for a reason. All we really can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope we don't slip and break that foot, that would just be painful, then you'd have to crawl and put on knee in front of the other. you pop that though and all goes to hell..haha

  3. Great piece. I particularly like the ending.

  4. Reflective. No answers tacked down. Even experiences only suggests knowledge. Every one opens up more clues. But always in the end, where you are suppose to go and suppose to be. Comforting as well. :)