Monday, December 12, 2011


The Artistry of a cabinet
Lost then found
Memory from cobbed web

The lines of tacticians
Firm to grinded stone
Whittle does the sander
From dust he makes a home
For mem’ries yet to come

Adorned or bare
Aesthetic without repair
Born from necessity
To keep safe, the things, of those we care


  1. when my uncle got old and i was in HS i spent a summer caring for him...he was a wood worker...i still have an end table he made and i cherish the memories...i know this is about much more and love the line on de-bayoneting but this touched me...

  2. Each of us have a cabinet tucked away in our own little minds eye for our thoughts and such too, keeping them safe. Not to mention the literal ones that let the cats go and climb up, lying around in them..haha

  3. I have never read a poem about cabinetry but I must say I really enjoyed this - unique and quaint.

  4. Brian-hmmm… I wonder if perhaps your caring and philanthropic nature was birthed from this early time tending to your aged uncle. It must have been both a difficulty watching him as he got older here, yet rewarding, not only in the assistance and love you provided, but the family history he must have shared. i love how you have this link to woodworking as I've always believed in the sacredness of objects and this, to me, sounds sacred. Glad you enjoyed the piece. Means a lot, and of course thanks for sharing, really appreciate that.

    Pat, yep i agree, a cabinet here and dresser there and little drawer tucked away to store the memories we hold safe and dear. And yes, the cats do seem to love jumping and climbing on furniture, especially Chloe, as she'll climb so high she'll meow for us to get her down, as when she looks down, she gets scared I guess and is then stuck, until of course we grab her. Yet, yep, the furniture she'll certainly climb again. Great comment, thanks.


    Thanks, I don't think I had every written one about cabinetry before either-lol Glad you enjoyed the write and I love the word quaint, so thanks, I do appreciate.

  5. Not so much emphasis on such things these days. I am reminded of my great grandmother's antique peranakan cabinet. It used to be a source of wonder when I was a curious child -- finding things like coins and trinkets. It had compartments, drawers of a few sizes and carvings on the top. Very elaborate. The cabinets of this sort were one of a kind I think, they were handmade in the olden days and made to last.