Saturday, December 24, 2011

Could You?

Aphasia breeds me next I fear
Already pleurisy infects the lung
And soon will scour for the other
Leaving me a remnant, my dear

Would you love me even then?
Would you love me as much when?

All of me
All of these things
Untrue, confounded
You know me
You know what’s below
The exterior
And that which melts beneath

But I ask the question still,
         Even as the answer stands so clear,
Could you?
         I knew you would. You always have.

Merry Christmas to everyone.


  1. nice...a real question...if health failed would they...i am glad she did...smiles....merry christmas man!

  2. You know you have the right person when they can see through all the bull and everything that rears it's ugly head along the way. True power indeed.

  3. it's good to have people around who know us so well - with everything which melts beneath - and still love us.. think that's something really, really precious

  4. salient questions that, sadly, I have no one to ask them to... Merry Christmas to you too, Fred my friend

  5. Our love and devotion are tested when we have health challenges...I like the way you developed this story.

    Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ~

  6. A difficult question--not just illness but disintegration--yet love is an amazing thing and able to do more than we ever know till we try.

    Merry Christmas, Fred.

  7. "You know what’s below
    The exterior
    And that which melts beneath"

    Lovely. Holiday Wishes! :)