Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beyond the Closing Bell

Apostrophes of enemies
Infectious grins
Slanting beyond the reaching arc
Capsuled freedom stops then stalls
Fragile auras shatter through
The very fragrance surrounding you

Whistling Foucault from the stands
As ticker taped illusions spawn
Into demonic repossessions of scars reborn

Awakened by the tingling prick
Jolting shackles tying down
All the prophecies now forlorn

Account for each
Bear repeat
Lest forget the slope that's slid
Under rug hidden from
hearts of trust vacant cold
If/when your lips must wriggle form
Pronouncing without a stuttering tongue
instructions of how can't lose hadn't won

Broken promises stream the night
Voices crackle as the moon leaks lime
Focal points are deterred too
Locks severed years before
resurfacing here and now
when arms outstretch meet a wall

And the interest surmounts
And the sense betrays
And the hours wilt
As the chambers change
The stains of oil
That still remain
From the classic
you sold to start it all

If only the pressure would have allotted the gauge to smooth
The realization would have come
Dictating the options of
How, together
Any hill can be overcome
When love is the force fueling life itself


  1. i first learned of focault in and umberto eco book...your opening line is very cool...tears draping...nice...the last stanza though is awesome...any hill man...

  2. Getting backstabbed is such a gruelling fate. Nothing worse then having trust in someone or something and then they go and abuse it. Many just can't seem to grasp that they did anything wrong either. It's like they are living in a fantasy world off in la la land. I can't see how they justify half the crap they do or can even sleep at night, but best to just ignore those types and not dwell on them, even if they truly annoy.

  3. oh love is a powerful force...
    And the sense betrays
    And the hours wilt
    As the chambers the a good way of course..