Monday, December 26, 2011


Music, whether loud or quiet, subtle or strong accompanies everyone on their individual journeys.  Like faithful pets, your songs attune themselves to your consciousness, thus ears transform, to that of those, verily trained.

Subtleness of bass-lines undercut the stagnancy of atmospheric current

I.              Lion of Nemea- STEP ONE
When presented an impossible task, one must extend themselves beyond familiar zones of comfort, acknowledging alternative paths to solvency.  One must accept that the Gods are watching.  Finally, one must be prepared to overcome the obstacles set forth by the divine, and must be humble enough to accept assistance in those circumstances that demand as such.
II.           Hydra of Lerna- STEP TWO
The Hero must be cognizant of the realization that deathblows do not guarantee the heart’s beating to cease.  For our enemies will cast poison unto the air as they persist in thrashing the fluidity of momentum.  One must act instinctively, accept the aid of lesser men and adapt to regenerative tactics of the prey.  The hero must not stand in wonder of situational absurdity.  That which is a constant, may double in resolve, multiplying with each severed blow.  The test of the true warrior is the ability to combine the strengths and the weaknesses of one’s enemies, into one’s own, combinatory subsets of possibility.  Those very traits that thwart your every assail, may be the very characteristics inherently linked to your own victory and subsequent parade.

III.         Cerynitis STEP THREE
Heroes must display patience and poise.  They must respect the swiftness at which challenges develop.  It is paramount to hold one’s eagerness in check, for the hero who pursues their beast, despite the magnitude of distance, will either find their opponent in restless slumber or realize that patience outlasts haste, in every intellectual game of skill or chance.  The Champion must also acknowledge that there are forces in this universe that may, and most likely will, convene upon your methods and reasoning, for or against one’s own behalf.  He/she should remain humble and speak words of truth, to which the divinity may interject, perhaps absolving you of any sins that may have been accrued through competition.

IV.          The Boar of Mount Erymanthos STEP FOUR
Although primitive rage may mask the appearance of casual unwind, the champion must act accordingly.  Certainly a feat performed can win accolades from the wandering eye, yet accepting that your pursuers are but misjudged in stateliness, will perhaps, prevent a vengeance bubbling beneath retreating limbs.  As for the challenge in itself, a hero must use every accommodation at their dispose.  Nature is a fine weapon when skilled minds design the trap or ploy.

V.            Stable Boy STEP FIVE
Time limits often cloud the path.  A hero shouldn’t allow pride, of person, of lineage, to hinder his/her completion of the task at hand.

VI.          The Birds of Lake Stymphalia STEP SIX
Bronzed beaks and feathers metallic sharp, deadly from above, poisonous from below.  Favored by the God of War, the ramifications that surround victory, must weigh the Hero’s heart for sure.  Sometimes it’s best to not concern oneself with aftermaths and situations yet to arrive.  The willingness of useful assistance is reinforced, and distraction then becomes the Hero’s master plan.  To distract your opponent, is to concoct a paralytic effect, from which point plucking is as easy as the skill of aim aligned, from eye to hand, from hand to bow, from bow to arrow, from arrow to target.

VII.       Cretan Bull STEP SEVEN
Proud papa wrecks havoc amongst the shadows of villagers, damned to it’s every pass through underdeveloped and unfortunate of lands.  Wild animals are not meant for capture; yet a beast must be safely deterred from inhabiting certain plots of earth.  The Hero must swallow his pride, or else unique difficulties certainly may arise.  Do not be disappointed if your homage to the Gods is shunned aside, never answered, despite your level of devoutness and pools of tears collected since your prayer began. 

VIII.     The Mares of Diomedes  STEP EIGHT
Gruesome tales unknown, Podagras, Lampon, Xanthos and Deinos, wild mares uncontrollable by man, were released from their golden manger, unleashing their madness upon humanity.  The Hero must do his research and not accept the easiest solution simply because it is the path of least resistance.  If things look too easy, they typically are either traps or conceal the workings of much larger forces currently in-waiting, roving the shadows, until opportunity arises.  Researching is a key to keeping surprise at bay; otherwise your missions will be pointless, and therefore increasing difficulty to complete, as you are also allowing the possibility for senseless damage to occur, to yourself or those innocents you are warded to protect.  If the Hero encounters beasts that devour flesh, using intellect over brute force, will teach you to tie the mouth shut, disabling the beasts ability to feast.

IX.          The Girdle of Hypolyta STEP NINE
All is not what appears.  Friends that turn without warning are often chameleons or devils in disguise.  Best act swiftly, setting sail at soonest tide.

X.            The Cattle of Geryon STEP TEN
Watchdogs must become blind for the quest divine.  The Hero must remember what useful tools they’ve amassed throughout each of their trials, tribulations and from the experience life itself has imparted upon one’s soul.

After completing the tasks you’ve been told, be prepared for stipulations and fine print.  This will occur incrementally, and when it does, doubling intensity under a cloud, one you will not notice until the smoke has risen to the sky, thus making the hero’s quest improbable to perfect.

XI.          The Apples of the Hesperides STEP ELEVEN
The Hero, nearing his journey’s end, must consider every option available.  He/she may have to accept the advice of shape-shifters or accept direction from those variably invisible to the eye.  The Hero must resort to trickery of his/her own, making promises he/she rationally cannot keep, all to hold up the world and increase the likelihood of a successful journey.  Or perhaps another lesson:  in order for the Hero to obtain the “apple” of his quest, he/she must have the will power to overcome temptation and seduction, while simultaneously utilizing these traits to their own advantage.

XII.       In Hades STEP TWELVE
The Hero must travel to depths uninviting.  He/she must face his or her greatest fear, venturing into darkness, which was never thought possible before.  Death is the mask that comprises the opposite symbol to life and to travel to a land of death is to depart from one’s own life, albeit temporarily.  The fear is alive and the longer one stays in such abhorrent domains, he or she will certainly forget about life itself.  It is in this place where the hero tempts the lull of the dark.  If not composed of the utmost traits, obsidian will undoubtedly surround you at every step, rendering one paralyzed by fear’s seductive touch. 
The Hero must use every ounce of the endurance they’ve accrued, to their benefit; otherwise the hero will not succeed.  He/she must be able to solve the final riddle, whilst under the overwhelming pressure of finality.   To displace an enemy from their backyard, is to disorient, to deceive each villain, in a way that confuses their own existence for that of something strange, making an unsolvable riddle, which they can no longer answer in such a condition.  Produce your courage, produce your resiliency, be the Hero and reward you will receive.

Ten plus two equals Immortality.
An Immortality that cannot be denied
Even when the sacrifice supplied is your very own.

There are links between programs and myth
There are differences, between fantasy and life
There are conundrums everywhere, everyday
There are countless Gods to thank
Yet most choose just one
And to that one, we lay thanks
As we beg to be empowered
With the gift of spiritual strength

Steel strings join the bass
Upping tempo
Rising beat.

Everyone has his or her own theme song
A soundtrack beyond control
Yet we can always choose not to listen
When we don’t like the voices heard



  1. Wow now that was quite the piece, epic once more at your shore. Once again you weaved myth and legend in so well and really made it relevent to what can be this umm hell. The fine print part was great, as that's where you are gotten in most anything if you fail to look, surpass that and immortality could be yours. As you won't get sucked into the endless crap hole that many do. Like how you summed it up too as we do have our own music all our own and whether we listen or not is totally our own choice. Those stupid voices are good to ignore too. And liked how you said even the myth has some fact and such because it truly does. All myth stems from something that was fact. Wonderful verse, guess old saint nick gave your muse a good blast haha.

    You beat me commenting, because you made me type a long spiel, cheater..haha

  2. nice piece fred...really cool wisdom held within this for anyone to glean...really nicely put together..and i like the wrap around of the soundtracks as well as i find that very true...

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your take on the dodekathlon; you handle this tale of atonement well here. All the obstacles, sacrifices, and conundrums of the heroic journey to attain immortality, companionship, and the forgiveness of the gods are explored in their psychological and mythic aspects. How do we overcome death, the monster that bears a human face, bring the world from chaos into the new ordered rule? Wild and uncontrollable forces will prevent the promised absolution, blocking the hero from attaining bliss. All requires intercession, a key to the symbols, and above all persistence, intelligence, and adaptability. Great work Fred.

  4. packed quite some wisdom into your verse..The Hero must swallow his pride..think with this line you have a huge key in hand... great write fred

  5. Incredible and inspiring write. What a journey reading this. A nice parallel to the 12 labors of Hercules, applying it the journey of life and personal growth.