Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Brittle Communion

A brittle communion
wafers upon scar-feld tongue

A wayfarers caustic resolution:
To flee

                            always seems to follow

Furloughs below the depths driven to
In droves they flock to your sheepish exterior
To paint the volumes you've sought ignored

Resurrection fetish we all have
Each night as fragile form impresses thread

                                  Yes. Always counting

It is but of desperate appeal
To transform your inner realm
Into a palatial avant-garde
Distorted reflections from pools of ruby grey

Sad, sad state of day
The hours meld into the after-flow
Bristling thunder renders round the go-between
And you concentrate, and you concentrate
as long as the symbol sounds


                         yet even torrential winds were but a breeze

Just a bit of free-writing today.

Let me explain briefly, as I quite often interchange readily understood terminology in my own, unique way.

Oftentimes Brain-writing, free-writing, stream of consciousness, writing down the page and so forth are all viewed as synonyms for one another.  Which is fine, they actually are to an extent.  But here are my personal definitions, just in case any saw my little notes and were wondering.

Stream Of Consciousness-  The simple act of writing whatever comes to mind, regardless of punctuation, sparseness of connectivity.  These types of pieces are fun as they attempt to tap into the subconscious and just freely let it flow to the page.

Brain-writing is the most similar to Stream writing as it also attempts to tap into the subconscious, yet here I try to refine or focus the direction.

Writing down the page is basically just using the white space to play off the column of words you get.  So this, for me, can actually be any of the types I'm mentioning here, the only difference really is that space around and between the words is most important.

And then there is free writing, where again, you are tapping the subconscious to a point.  Yet, there are stops and restarts, kind of a breakage, where you reflect for a second or two and then consciously think of how or what the connection may be, from which point I make it more structured, grammatically correct and the lot.  So I guess for me, free writing, would be the next step beneath poetry itself if an evolutionary ladder of the sort did so exist.

Which, if you think about it, everything is really poetry, so I guess this just opens up a whole other topic to discuss.


  1. At my place as I was at yours haha.

    Liked the free flow as you went about your show. I often make up stuff too at my show. But none of it makes a lick of sense, making me seem rather dense. To all but me, go tell that nasty flu to flee..haha

  2. i can relate on some levels...the imagery of a brittle communion alone is nice...the scarred tongue...perhaps even thinking we are unworthy at times and fleeing...the desire though to feel changed to be made whole again...

    on free writing or stream of conciousness it can be def interesting in what comes out...esp if you start with a point or frame of reference and let it go from there...

    everything is poetry.