Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Noah's Displaced Home For Abusive Boys and Girls

There is a voyager
And he’s but one of many
Taking leave
To the planet Noah

Two by two
Four by four
Sixteen by sixteen
Hypotenuse of constrictor coils
 Heat’s arousal; a spark to life-
 A warmth Un-foiled in the kindliest of fashions

Sifting through those early sands
In a time before the eggshells ran
 Man had a theory all his own

Created, was a world
In which (he) or (she) breathes a lungful heavenly…
Only to feel nothing, as the onyx fills the frame,
And the last of the bronchi, dye yet a deeper shade of gray

 Ages it seems now,
 Ages long ago,
When the rivers were rivers
And not reminders and slivers
Of a world…
                  Where even the reapers fear to play

Have we evolved to such a place?

                                    Do we still try to take his place?

Have we not learned well enough?
With all the falters and flaws and
                  The guffaws and scars and
                           The withered replications
                                    Of thought on what ought be done
When a second split would stake the view
 Easily showing what hacks oft never know
         That behind the clever and the strong
Usually it all simply
         Turns out
                  Oh, so very wrong

And after all,
What’s so difficult in
Simply living and loving
The way we were made to do?


  1. I guess we don't always take the easy way out after all, as there should be nothing difficult about it, but we sure make it out to be. Especailly with all the mindless idiots going around shooting people lately, very timely. Like how yu described the two by two's going to their place and planet Noah was a nice touch too. Look same time once more, alright you were a tad faster at my shore..haha

  2. Ha. Yeah faster is not something I'm typically accused of, so I'll take that one and run with it-lol Glad you liked the write. And Super glad the Poetry has regained it's passage in the Googleverse-lol It's funny, I started this piece out as a mathematical write, and then just switched gears, but that's nothing new for me, as It happens all the time (said the way that progressive woman says it in the commercial) haha. In a weird mood right now, so anyway. Thanks.

  3. i dont know why such simple life is not possible...the bronchi greying made me think of what we have done to our planet, but then again we seem to be willing to do just the same to one another...

  4. I think the problem is that we have gotten very complicated and come with a wide variety of wants, or so we think. We are never happy to settle into simplicity, always trying to achieve. But the kind of things we spend our energies on... I often think that we were wise enough to work together as a whole, we would already be in space by now.

  5. "Ages it seems now,
    Ages long ago,
    When the rivers were rivers
    And not reminders and slivers
    Of a world…
    Where even the reapers fear to play"

    I love that. Really gorgeous writing, Fred.

  6. When the rivers were rivers
    And not reminders and slivers

    wonderful couplet right there. Big questions in this piece. A lot to think on... cheers Fred my friend