Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's another Tuesday and the wonderful Hedgewitch is hosting Open Link Night over at D'Verse.  Stop on by, read a wealth of amazing poetry and get even more involved by submitting one of your own.

To be clever, I penned the most epic of tales
I was coy, with my use of ink
As I toyed with shades, deviating from black to pink

To the letter, I smiled at my freshly painted grail
I scrawled the most impressive verse,
With words so grand, ‘twas impossible to rehearse

For the better, I chose for my masterpiece to set sail
Upon my very own flesh based canvassed skin
With the very first character, from chest it would begin

But was this wisdom? Never, for from each line would grow a tail,
Moments after composition, I would stand for hours in admiration
While the mirror’s smirking grin would purvey its mocking adulation

So soon I’d grow much redder, upon recognition of my errs
Where the text written on me, the mirror could not see,
Only divining the reversal, a hieroglyphic incomprehensibility

And there it rest, severed, embittered and stale
As the wet rag would cloth me, erasing the scribbling clean,
A solace ranged o’er me, for my acumen, forever’d go unseen


  1. your love of poetry/words and investigation is ever present fred - energy as inspiration

  2. I liked this hugely--the tail from the line, the scribbles on the skin, reddened, the unseen solace. K.

  3. nice...pen it boldly fred...i would hate to have verse forever to go unseen though to see it on my naked body well....haha...nicely penned...

  4. ..the very own flesh based canvassed skin..don't we all paint and write on it..sometimes try to hide behind grand words but in the end it's raw, it's flesh and blood.. very interesting thoughts in this and powerful imagery fred

  5. Ahh but it didn't go unseen, it's all here for us to read. Blood, sweat and tears. Very nice read Fred. Image filled and deep.

  6. Nice twist in this one on that whole taking ourselves ultraseriously thing we all get into about our stuff sometimes, so solemn and grand--I love the words growing a tail and ending up backwards and nonsense in the mirror. Good stuff, Fred.

  7. I felt like I was on an expressive journey. Thanks.

  8. You make the unseen seen today. With your display. And look at you forming it up, rhyming the beginning through without a hiccup and the last to as well, have to tip my rhyming cup. But why erase it clean, as it truly must be seen. Oh and blogger like you again..haha

  9. Our words may seem perfect and grand..but unless shared and read by others, I think, is much better ending. It can influence and move hearts and thoughts. Keep on writing...

  10. tercets working well for you here, the end-rhyme too. I like how you've interlocked stanzas by rhyming the first line of each tercet. Tight piece Fred, cheers

  11. Fred, great job with the rhyme scheme and clever poeming as well. Enjoy the holidays.

  12. The self critic has been responsible for many first drafts lost. It's so good, and then sometimes the next day it loses it goodness, grown tail and maybe horns and warts.

    Wonderful rhyme going in this one. An appropriate bard's lament.