Friday, December 9, 2011

Waking up from a Coma

Flogged by one's own penance
A penitentiary,
A prism
Of shifting cadavers (who just haven't been informed)

A journey along railed stair-edge
Folicular indemnity
along rotted jade stones embryonic TENS


To awake
Exit past lives
and wounds reheal

Only up to no good
Always betting on the under
In this game of robin hood

This flesh
Feels very accustomed
These bones
Seem as fragile as they ever have
The eyes still flicker as they envision
The flavor to the scents you've so often imagined as beautiful


Something different is present
There is a subtle difference in atmosphere
And an inexplicable change in circumstance

I look into the mirror
And notice something completely out of place

What's that?
Is it…?
Why, yes I do believe it is?

That must be what they call a smile

It feels good
Yet why does a slight discomfort twill the flesh below the eyes?

Note to self:

This new person will take a little time to adjust into, but the hopes are as high as they've ever been.

But still, I wonder how could this be?


  1. I especially like your little 'Note to self' at the end... nice touch... excellent as always. Oh you wondered about posting on blog after on teh group.. sure thing... in fact most of us use the board to hone pieces to then post on blogs/publish etc. Just if we do our (roughly bimonthly) Creative Challenge we don't publish/blog our entry till it's over, but the CC is just a sideline event there, it's primarily a crit/discussion forum.

    Stay well my friend

  2. cadavers(who just haven't been informed yet) brillant line, that is what many in this world seem to be. Staggering about with their eyes wide shut, ewww bad movie, forget I said that..haha Can't forget to smile and enjoy life every now and again, making them less rare.

  3. Interesting. Being in reflective mood still, I wonder when I will have that awakening. This poem seems to parallel the practice of being mindful.

  4. Luke, Thanks, I was wondering that regarding the CC's, kind of figured it out seeing your piece up live on your site, but thanks for clarifying everything for me. It really is a cool site, so far I've been reading for the most part, now that I know there isn't any type of formal or informal rule on posting and then putting up on your site, I'm sure I'll begin posting as well. Thanks again. I Appreciate it


    Yeah, cadavers amongst us is too common a sight and yeah bad movie for sure, although it has it's merits here and there-lol

    Raven- Reflective mode is good, that's kind of why I've been doing these free writing exercises the past few days. Whereas I was in writers block shutdown mode and was posting older material, this time around, still happening much too frequently for my liking, but this time I've been just freewriting and seeing what comes out. Perhaps, just a suggestion, as while in reflective mode I'm sure a lot of thoughts are swirling about in pretty chaotic arrangement, perhaps some free writing will help you get back to where you want to be at.

    Thanks, glad you all enjoyed this piece.