Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Ladder

Stayed up late,
Looking at the ladder,
To where it leads,
Anyone’s guess’s as good as mine

A swarm
Of thoughts,
A storm of
A mass of volumes, of decrees—
Desolate and scorn
That drives me awake at night—
Been thinking of that ladder
Deep into the early hours—
To where it goes,
Anyone’s guess’s as good as mine

Drooping bags, hanging low
Dimpled skin,
Been posing so long
As depressions kin,
In a poster world—
Composed, of dregs, lepers and sommeliers
It’s often hard to tell which is worse—

Yet an interest in new horizons
Can hurt the wrinkled cheek,
As suddenly the unexpected
Smile emerges from its sleep

It’s times like these
I get so scared,
And really take the moment
To ponder (in) decision,
Should I sit and see this through?
Should I ignore the signs and let it slip from view?
Or should,
Should I climb that ladder, and see where the last rung leads?
Where’s it gonna take me to?
Well—anyone’s guess’s as good as mine.


  1. You can just feel the indecision as you read this. Well done!

  2. Never really thought about a ladder like that, it can go up and down much like ones opinion or thought of the moment, as they change on a whim with most. What would happen if one goes up or one goes down. I guess the only way to know is to go out on the town. But remember curiosity killed the cat, yet satisfaction brought it back.

  3. very intriguing... needs a sequel... :)

  4. It leads to heaven I think? The heaven within. And the heaven without. Love with no beginning and no end.

    Quite a questioning poem. I can relate to the hypersensitivity thing. A poet's condition I guess.

  5. Nice reflections...where does it lead to, is anyone's guess.

    Wishing you Happy New Year ~

    Cheers ~

  6. Interesting metaphor. Ladders do cause one to be curious. They tend to be there for a reason. Unlike stairs, installed or placed ladders aren't designed for casual exploration, rather they are usually there for a purpose - it's more of a work tool. It may or may not be there later, and what it leads to may or may not be accessible. Lots to wonder.

    Happy New Year, Fred.