Friday, December 23, 2011

Rinse & Cleanse

On the scuffle of soles
Marring the aftershock
Tears blend in two
Splitting like the center does

A wrap of thunder clasps the temple’s door
A shroud of wonder befalls the crutch adorned
Flip the switch
Flip the switch
And let the heaven’s dry (let the heaven’s weep tonight)

They say
That crying is cathartic
That you should get it out (get it out)

Guess you have to hit the bottom
Before you even attempt to climb away
Guess you have to all but die
Before you can learn to crawl again

Perhaps, perhaps it’s then true
That when the water begins
It’s at this point when, the healing mends
The holes in you, (making you whole again)

Maybe, just maybe then
There’s something to be said
For the sad songs and elegies
And the way their sorrow
Makes you forget your own (comforts your soul)

Rake it away
Take it away
         Let the wash rinse and cleanse
         Allow the grief to go
         Let the teardrops flow
         Until healing distends

1 comment:

  1. Not so sure it is needed to cleanse, but I guess for some cases it helps, depends on the situation I guess. But for many it does help bring a sort of piece, although some use it as an excuse and stew in their own little pot for way way too long.