Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I’m not an activist,
Yet believe in the activity
Of the worthwhile cause

I’m not vaudevillian in any way,
Yet believe men wear masks
When in need

I’m not akin to the color green
Yet love the way the earth can sing
When sowed with seeds of future’s free

I’m not an assassin in any way,
Yet in the desert I’ve whet

SOME WOULD SAY, my heart does bleed
         And, well, tactlessly, I might reply
“Bloody Obvious…don’t cha think?

And I’ve walked…
And I’ve ran…away
                  As some things, are simply not meant for view


  1. there are some things surely not meant for view...and there are some i just can not turn away from...interesting write fred...i believe in worthwhile activity as well but probably fall closer to activist...smiles.

  2. Blogger eating up my comments again..

    Interesting end after what seems like definitions and statements of self, contrary to what is shown. Does it really surprise people to learn that one can care without obviously showing? It seems to be demanded of or else one would be accused of not caring.

  3. All of them do have their good points and parts to believe in, but like anything humans take it way way way too far and become nut cases in whatever they do, totally making the point they were trying to make moot. Great look at the activity of belief, while some active activity activists just cause grief.

  4. love your thoughts and the honesty in this fred..may be one of my new favs by you...Bloody Obvious..we all are bleeding the one or other way.. thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your inner world