Monday, December 19, 2011

Enamored Eyes

A warming innuendo occupies
An inoculant wet yet dry

Quivering lips
Where beads of sweat
So softly sit
Atop the promise there
Dripping sweetly
Upon beads of air
Enjoying the drift
From calm entrancing lunacy
To subtle tremors altered high

The innuendo may preoccupy
Yet it’s comfort shall forever
Carve a smile upon enamored eyes  


  1. a little innuendo is not a bad thing...not sure it always holds as much promise...but it will certainly occupy the mind..smiles.

  2. Getting a little lovery dovey or rather steamy in the mind''s eye today. And you scared poor Google away. No longer are you in the blog roll any more. Must have just been a glitch that it showed your shore. A lot can also be said and assumed from a glance, as the eyes begin to dance.

  3. Passion provides a prudent inoculation against the inner chill whether from lack of love or disinterest in the world. It's reawakening and promise can increase the pleasure of fulfillment. Focusing on the possible is a part of the invigoration that accompanies love. Great write, I especially responded to:
    'From calm entrancing lunacy
    To subtle tremors altered high'

  4. This is a side of you I have never read...I like the subtle lines and understatement of emotions just lingering under ~