Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Possible Implications of Perhaps

The theme of ownership has ravished many a man,
Its tooth has sawed bone for circular clue
The enamel dries stained,
 O’er some the answers sent unkind

Am I a good man, one who should be pleased when pleasure approaches me?

Yes and no, I do believe, we each carry sides of two

Can I walk the gates without the scarab’s quickened crawl?

If the gate is warm to key, I believe that even these danceless feet can carry me.  Yet the beetle, despite its size, carries unpleasantries from ancestral times, to which I am sure I cannot race, I must escape.

Yet will I, perhaps that is the question to be asked?

To this I dare not venture toward; to this I dare not travel for.  Perhaps is such the easy out, the scapegoat for uncertain mouths, yet perhaps is sometimes the only mustered word that is true

Can I carry on in such a manner, will this supper by my last, shall the coats defy my skin, protect me not from days of biting cold, Is there a divinity that will one day show me, a face, a voice, yet none of these are what I seek, it’s but a vote of confidence to keep.  Will these puzzles ever solve?

Carry on I will as I can, if languor scoffs its feet upon my mat, I can only converse in how I may.  Supper is what is served, in the eve, before retire, something set to stimulate desire, for the hunger pains to subside; to transition body to the break of fast early in the morrow’s gaze.  If that coat can cover thick, perhaps it’s power will persist, yet hours meandering in the wild, our hearts sometimes phase into denial, to which the mind soon shall follow, believing we are then what we are not, might never be, to which the bite will certainly feast on me.  Divinity, are you, am I, so lost in spirit, to forget the form we met long ago, standing in ghost-real form, resembling beloved relatives that lived their day?  Has jaded temperament tempered me, brandishing but only the harshness of unfocused light, blistering prisms with their sounds of lye?  The vote, we forget, has been balloted many times before.  It is but our own psychosis that keeps it arm’s length from touch.

Is antipophora a sign of things to come, or a symbol of all past consequences said and done?



  1. ownership has tripped many a man, or perhaps even the can be an endless pursuit and on the other end lack...i figure i am steps away from end at times...we lived below the poverty line for so long i got used to being without in many ways...we would survive

  2. "Can I walk the gates without the scarab’s quickened crawl?"

    That is an amazing line. Excellent piece.

  3. Perhaps, maybe, almost, could be, chances are, good chance, who knows, just how it goes. I like the dialogue approach, really something a tad different at your couch, yet still flung the point out there, even with some subliminal rhyme to spare. So many questions arise, that perhaps "perhaps" is the devil in disguise. Or perhaps I read too much into this, perhaps I just need to give a good hiss.

  4. you are stretching me... needed to look up the word antipophora: Hypophora, also referred to as anthypophora or antipophora, is a figure of speech in which the speaker poses a question and then answers the're posing lots of deep questions here with no easy answers.. loved to follow you on your mind's trail... always wondering if you studied greek...