Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hiccups and Short Straws(That Jarring Motion)

That jarring motion—
An emotion of intangibility,
A thrashing swathe of ambushed glee,
Gelid-frozen-numb to all but thee

…Stranger things have come to pass
Judgmental and arterial
Walls of clang—click, click, click-itsy-bitsy-clang
Spraying nonce words along the river’s rhyme
Brae, Brae, Bye Brae, Bye-Bye

Conundrums, elegies—displaced—hammocking,
 Broken in form, not in tone—slowly, waywardly directions, slingshots blissfully— swaying through, garden gates and the ever, almost haunting presence, presents of thoughts of you

Volumes, large, small, slim and fat, broach the shelves—where hidden histories oft collapse—to the tidal process of bookend failure, sliding just enough to get the domino’s a-wobbling

That Jarring motion—
Where once you get past initial discomfort, hiccups either hurt or make you laugh.

To those who draw the short straw, just remember, it will take you a longer time, to sip the drink, which too, can either be, good or bad.

That jarring motion—
When insides ache
That jarring motion—
That drives sleep’s wake
That jarring motion—
Some clamor for—
That jarring motion—
Others abhor.
         I for one, think being open to surprise is both shock and fun.


  1. So I take it you take it shaken not stirred..haha Reminded me of those damn dvd boxes with that big, slim, etc. line, just when my ocd stuck them in the back of my mind. Like how you played the bright side with the short straw too, never thought about it like that. Also hiccups, the literal kind, are completely hated at my mat.

  2. i share your opinion from the end...actually i like surprises much...twists...knots in the story...

  3. I've been far too comfortable for far too long that I actually am wanting to be jolted. I will not like it but I think it's necessary for my personal growth. The self truly starts to diminish the more one aims to just fit and please. This poem is neither too optimistic nor too pessimistic, rather it presents the jarrings as opportunities for new experience and learning. Shock and fun hints adventure. :)

  4. What a clever write! I particularly like "where hidden histories oft collapse—to the tidal process of bookend failure."