Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Insomnia Game: A Free-write

A chirping of companions
wrestled with onion-
        as blaming the onions
when ducts swell
   the dam will break

A vision through pure stained
glass, breakable to those that
smashing attracts-
       No cheer
       No sign of anything
       Just a vision
of a girl
with a broom
on her porch (I assume)
the particles of past-lived pollinations away

A roll-
about the tarmac
Dreams to take off
A one way ticket
some nights do pray
there is
always a delay

Ice-dancers on wings so strong
Twirling, twirling,
Plie and gone

Loud engine roars
Passenger light still lit
Yet dim it shall well prior to dawn

Commotion's ado
So much nervous energy cluttering this swelled room

And the feeling of isolation
The tempestuousness of sin
somehow tingles fascist rhythms
across the neck
Settling close to sternum's cleft
Voicing it's displeasure in your ceding sensation

Yet, you ignore
Pressing window cloth so well to vice
Holding pretend as long as you can try
But the cafeteria lighting soon returns

But the aisles are too mis-shapen to venture through

Catapults and venerable denizens denote the trail
Geraniums and argyle lost things caress the trees gowned bare

And you stand there
Alone (yet this is nothing new)
Pacing (without revelation)
And you see
The ocean come to life
It's topography crippling tidal face
Broken accents spell it's name
o'er megaphonic striations made in glut,,, Deep now, into part 3, coming down again

A calm
A peaceful staple underdeveloped
The flyers are everywhere
A tea party shall unite
all dissenters on this night….(Why are you there?)

Yes, why?

And you feel a gentle stream
Begrudge a crease across the space so oft denied
A smile
A genuine smile
burgeoning from
A place, where you
Realize…that you've accomplished what was set to do

Fallen deeply
Into slumbers rift in hues
of amethysts-garnets-

and you wonder if the photograph will depict correctly
The image plastered-strewn across your identity

Or if, it too resides solely in dream

1 comment:

  1. Really like how you just go and write what pops in. Using everything one would never really put, they may think it, but never use it. Onions, sternums and tea party's oh my! hahaha Again just like where you go with these ones, letting whatever comes next just show.