Monday, April 11, 2011

Some unrelated Haiku

Shyness Peaks her head,

Opaque smiles channeled through verve,

Incandescent dreams

A bland reunion,
Changed when princesses return,

Stomach souring

Tabby sits very still,

Observing life televised,
From the window sill

Patches, earned in war,

Now, lilies and roses are,
Welcoming him home

Brittle brutal can

So many rough edges, I
Lost my appetite

Atomic purging,

Nuclei meet Gemini,
Half-life, Do or die

The badger and Wood
The beaver is misquoted

And misunderstood

Blasphemous rumors,

 Words gone viral, shake and stir,

Depeche (ala) Mode

Smoke is entering,

Through vents and doors, closed windows,
Provide an escape

Rotisserie time,

Chicken, pork, burgers dogs and shrimp

Goes well with cold beer

Politicians’ wife,

Saving face, for him, and her
Repression deepens

Peel back another,

Layer to reveal, a tier
Tear inducement

Focus on yourself

Or no one else will, then you
Will be all alone

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