Monday, April 11, 2011

A Pitchfork Buried (A series of Haiku Unified)

A Pitchfork Buried
Deep within the confinement

Of what is needed

Under Rocky Coats
Beneath the sound-side blessing

Words twist, worlds wallow

Grasping throat air

Sweating shallow bursts of tears
Wondering where they are

Alone, Eyes appear

Glowing jade, nauseating
And invoking prayer

In a time of haste

The thoughts used, the earth beneath
Is unfamiliar

Scraping, as I crawl

A Crimson fist is revealed
Opaque claws attach

Closing eyelids tight

Dreams are unequipped to deal
Soul without repair

Shackled, bound and whipped

Deadly notes filter throughout
Dark and dreary moods

Should now the dawn break

Repent I will, confess all
For any to hear

Trickling, I sense blood

In the air, mine I do fear

An agonized lull

Where is the Pitchfork

I saw under rocky beds
Alas it is near

Made penance I have

Repented sins, each and all
How the meager fall,

Trembling and Aching,

I almost wish death to call,
Flickering gently

Sleepers fall askew

Deus Ex Machina, Life
Still with cross to bear

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