Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Flux In-Tempo

Tempests squirm over banshee wind,
Flux in tempo, sad escape

Giants worth demonetarized
Fluctuating between the you and the should be

Toggling above, below the encapsulated swelter
The shading, gradating ratio of dysfunctional distress,

Together with germination, pollination and confused iteration,

They forge a gulley, eroded by stench and stealth,
Birthed in demented plurality, askew to visions that compare, albeit slightly, to an amalgam’s spell,

Fostering diffused delight, via transmissions to and from an interferon’s interfering consistency

Embark towards ventures we go, of impossible requite and sleepless dreams
Theories and theology, sifting dust from rotting ability, from ink and sweat a quests begun,

Stretching across sinew’s conformity, forth into forever arching factorials,
Generating clutch hypothesis while grazing arboretum’s fields of reflective brush,

Ravenous diviners come and spout, where output is plenty yet offerings never enough,
So in disguise the vapors disseminate themselves

Elation, deflating from depressed sedation of a mind unknown,

Arousing complexity throughout the legions, kneeling in systemic disbelief,
Gyrations flushing contemplations of irritated states of rhyme, fluency

Exaggerated in polemic standoffish prayers for parametric release,
A crash cart has long since been, on notice, against whitened wall,

As the triage awaits your date of arrival

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