Thursday, April 7, 2011


Where this route expires,
You wilt beneath,

The absence revealed,

A brief slip into dementia,

Where collusion meet solicitation,
Where reclusion vies position,

With combustion, a collision,
Was bound pronounced,

Yet the aftermath to come,
The violent repercussions,

Soothed only through cabernet
And internal void,

To silence the demons sleeping
Amongst the Wyandotte,

Within the wild flowers, where
Fractals are not visible,

Where profuse progeny gets
Blindsided by masked signification

A summer in the quay,

Cannot be found through shyness or on quiet rides on your surrey,
Enigmatic solutions will not form if sustainability is in decay,

If conformity does not become of you, at least for now,
Pandemic growth shall consume the best of you

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