Sunday, April 3, 2011


I used to believe in tenderness,
I thought I knew the meaning of endeared,
Then the hair became ruffled,

The mask removed,
What once was meaningful, what once was special,

Is no longer, is through,
With only fragmented tenets,

As the only memories I couldn’t bear remove,

At first I was in denial,

Astonished I could compile,
All the reflections,

Every observation,
Tied in nicely,

Vacuumed the grimace,
Distanced the clouds,

Yet none of this matters now,

As darkeness comforts from fist to heart,
A depression so easily renewed,

It didn’t mean a thing to you,

Not one crevice, not one speck of dirt,
So simple, your departure was,

No note, No warning,
Like a typographical error so effortlessly erased

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