Monday, April 4, 2011

Campfires and Hypnotics

Over at D'Verse,  Claudia is hosting Poetics.  This week we're talking the language of Fairy Tales.  I wrote this particular internal fairy tale almost a year ago and thought I would share it once again for this prompt.  Enjoy.

Pestilence wove its wicked stripes once again,
Driving shrill-like vapors deep into me,
Alive, yet contortion breaches,

The protocol just put into place,

 Warlocks, witches shepherds, thieves
Cast iron griddles, boiling butter, rapt and dense,

Fairy, eerie tales of gore,
Ghostly pinups of nightmarish lore,
Frizzle, drizzle, dazzling glitter,
A heart unwound and wound recleansed,

By the fire, amidst and watching flame,
Shift in color, contort in shape,
White to blue and red to orange,

To most a spectacle, to me, I needed more,

Brightly tarred skyline,
A coal painted eve,
A canvas where I'd never been,

A unity felt, a connect, briefly dissapating within,

While adrenalin rose it then changed,
From beating hearts to shaken knees and bleating veins,
One day soon, one day please,

Visions stay, thoughts though leave,

Only illusions remain unchanged for me


  1. there's lots of deep ground in this...what hit me most though was...A canvas where I'd never been... esp. this line spoke volumes...amidst all the things, going on..there's this yearning...yep...can feel it..maybe i'm a bit off-track with my comment...but somehow hit me like a rocket..

  2. ghostly pin ups...not that will surely shrivel the bones...haha...nice grit in this as well...frizzle, drizzle dazling glitter...sounds like a spell you know....nice close too...

  3. I like these lines best:

    Brightly tarred skyline,
    A coal painted eve,
    A canvas where I'd never been,

    A unity felt, a connect, briefly dissapating within

    Happy day to you ~

  4. Fred, this is very thought-provoking! The ending is stunning... "Only illusions remain unchanged for me." Yikes.

  5. For me this spoke of the way fairy tales speak to the subconscious mind, warn of the dangers ahead, illuminate choices we must make, scour our hearts, leaving paths to enlightenment or illusion in their wake. Potent work.

  6. Warlocks, witches shepherds, thieves
    Cast iron griddles, boiling butter, rapt and dense,

    Fairy, eerie tales of gore,
    Ghostly pinups of nightmarish lore,

    I love watching flames and making them come to life...

  7. Deep and dark, with a brilliant ending. Nicely done!

  8. Gypsies tramps and witches parading through the veins--what's not to like? You know I love this Fred, I'm chanting frizzle drizzle with you as you wind up the spell and dance widdershins around a sulpherous fever, err, fire. Tip of the witchy hat your way.

  9. It seems you've distilled the essence of fairy tales and put an almost existential spin on them, which I like very much. The magical quality is even emphasized now that you do it and the incantatory music of the charms echo at a level less make-believe as they normally would in a traditional fairy tale. The ending brings to bear that tussle between reality and illusion, which all fairy tales invoke and exploit. Stated like you have it here, it comes across more starkly and perhaps for that more truly. That is, closer to home as I live my life in between possibility and reality.

  10. a canvas where i'd never been makes you so open to creativity

    once upon a polar bear

  11. Helloooo Fred! love how atmospheric your poem is..all the worlds that hide & reveal in the dancing flames..really enjoyed! K-a :)