Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Emotional Residue

What I wouldn’t do,
Startled by the announcing herald,

Half wit I answer the requestor,
And so the cycle starts again,

I’d rush for you; I’m rust to you,
Shavings, a castaway, this surreal spin,

Nothing but slivers of rationality,
When the afterthought of all hope is lost,

All by yourself, with no one to see,
That ever would you be caught seen with me,

I guess I’ve always known,
And until recently I guess I didn’t care,

But something different is astir,
I can sense a change persisting through the air,

Some force fed hypothesis,
This needs to end, become much, much more,

Face to face however,
One look and mind is wiped

In this moment, I see only what is here tonight,

In the morning, I’m under satin,
But you have left, without note and no goodbyes,

Disappointment fills my sides, and perhaps I’ll even cry,
But deep inside I always knew,

I am now what I’ve always been, nothing more than emotional residue

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