Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hardwired in Groundwater

Curtailing the passionate reprieve
is often an impossible task

Hardwired in groundwater
are the under-surface collisions

of a hero's complexity and
the flight to fight reflexive design

De-bassed ring around

Colored lenses
posturing atop
the bartering core

One half of the circumference
lauds you for your nurture

The other condemns you
for your nature

The savior complex
the volleys and the serves

Some victims embrace
your tender gaze

Some wither worthless
by the need for intervention

"the nerve," they say

Yet still

Curtailing the passionate reprieve
is often my abomination toward


  1. Fight or flight, always like the use of that as sometimes you have to know the better option to survive. Still whether wanted or not many need a little extra help and some may be seen as the villian for helping but in the end, it is usually the correct course too, all perception once more.

  2. i used to have a real problem with accepting help...i was def always willing to give it but honestly expressing that i needed it was hard...i have moved beyond but....really nice flow to your words man...sorry i am playing a bit of catch up today...