Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Man who Sees Red

I’ve been told
there is this couple
that named their girls
Ruby, Dahlia, Cherry and Cerise,

I’ve also been told
That this same couple
Named their boys
Burgundy, Carmine and Garnet

It’s no wonder then,
That I should not be surprised to hear,
That while in bed at night
A shade of red appears
in each these children’s dreams


  1. Wow that couple were quite busy. Maybe they got caught each time and turned red and this is where it one.

  2. Red is the color of passion I think. I guess the parents see each child as a result of that feeling they have for each other. As for the kids, like another poem you wrote, if you are given a name, you can't help but have it on your mind: what characteristic you take up from it. Not surprised either if that is the case. :)