Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Summer names
Tags to stage

Self-referential naming rights
Epithets are a characterizing word or phrase
Epitaphs are words etched on one’s grave

But monikers assumed can swiftly assume
The nomenclatures we once used

Titles are names revered by some
Handles are worn in having fun
Labels are used to describe
The contents of that which lives inside
         However false the terminology
         The impression given is made upon thee
         Assigned by one, reaching many
         Namely a pseudonym inscribed to you

Denominations span in size
Ranging from the forcibly ascribed
To the self-defined
         Aliases and nom de plumes
From the nom de guerre to the anonyms we fear

Rephrasing our allonyms into inciting cognomens
Has significance to those familial sobriquets
openly worn

as these anonymously
titular appellations
quickly absorb
so craftily designed,
so intricately alluring
Are these entangled terms
Words, we keep reusing

And consumed we can become
Forgetfully frail, amnesiac and
Growing weak at the nee
In managing our integrity identity

when also knowns
fit more aptly
than those
contrived names
parentally bestowed



  1. I think your work is extremely powerful! Such strength in the unique way you express visions/thoughts :)
    A pleasure to decipher and think about, you have your own voice which is amazingly distinct! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I try to put new spins, or at least what I think is new, to different things. When I first fell in love with poetry it was reading the poems that made me think, help see things in a different way, those with oodles and oodles of subtext and linguistic puzzles, and I guess when I started writing I said to myself, I hope I could do half of what I love about poetry in my own writing. Anyhow, the comment means a lot, and the deciphering part especially so. Thanks again, very glad you enjoyed the piece

  2. Loving the French title and your consistent wordplay throughout. This calls attention to the power play involved in naming and the empowerment in the self-styled identity. Great work.

    1. Thanks Anna. Yeah I actually have to say that I had the title in the piece and then took it out, thinking it was the perfect title. Sorry about hearing about Jody. I'll keep her in my thoughts.

    2. Jody died in my arms today. Thank you deeply for your empathy.

  3. love this and the play on words...I was thinking 'alias, alias!' and then you used it half way through. ha.

    1. ha, yeah you know I think I had alias on my mind really early on too, just took a while to drop it in. you know what, actually whenever I hear that word now I can't help but think about that show with jennifer garner from a few years back- lovely how media influences in ways as subtle as that. glad you liked the piece. Thanks

  4. haha oh the cat liked this one for a whole lot of reasons. But mostly because he likes to assign labels and nicknames to all that visit it sea. Once he gets to know them more and then he can poke quite the amount of fun at his shore. Nothing in the mean way or anything like that, except if you're Flappy then things might not be such the case. Some people do take their moniker and such to heart though thinking they are so much better because they have a little do hickey in front of their name or some crap like that, I can give them a nickname too but it might not be nice to say here..haha

    1. Haha old flappy gets a cameo at my shack, now ain't that a laugh. Yes I do know the cat likes the name game, but with nifty monikers on display I'm pretty sure those nicknames are loved by each and everyone, maybe popping a vein somedays, but never causing the slightest sense of dread.

  5. All kinds of "names", tags for defining self -- true that one can get attached to these or become them or feel dissatisfied they can't adequately show all of the true self or stop oneself from being misunderstood. We sometimes try to become the names we are given or the names we make up for ourselves, additional stresses come from this. Lots of thoughts out from this one.

    1. Raven, that's sort of the tricky part with labels and definitions, I think somewhat we hear them enough we're tricked into believing them and then acting in such ways. It does work both ways though, but unfortunately the positive tales are the ones least spoken of. Anyhow, great reply. I'm fascinated with the subject of names, labels et al…, thanks again. glad you enjoyed the piece.

  6. Wow! Very powerful writing. I love the way you've woven all the titles and names we use to try to define ourselves. I'm having trouble expressing how much I like it. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel, glad you enjoyed the piece. The concept of identity, definitions, judgments and labels is a repeating theme for me. again, thanks

  7. oo this is very good fred...yes we use labels to make sense of this world and often misuse them or begin to assume we the strike through of integrity and replacement with identity...

  8. Fred! Fred! Fred! This is fantastic..the identity, the integrity, who named you? Judgement of another based on these labels is wrong...but what about how hard we judge ourselves for the very much to ponder with this, LOVE the mind trip...and thus, find my own pen inspired...which is especially awesome, as I already fear what I shall post tomorrow! Here's to NaPoWriMo...if it doesn't kill me! ;)

  9. nice...the searching, the becoming...the process of finding what we are...what we make of ourselves and those around us...not always an easy process...but worth hitting the discovery path...